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You’re certain there’s more going on with your health than traditional medical approaches have revealed.

I’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

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Have you ever left a doctor’s office and said to yourself

“Well, that was a waste of time.”

You navigated traffic, sat in a germy waiting room, answered questions on pages forms, felt rushed during your time with the doctor only to feel like your questions weren’t answered or they were answered but seemed like a passage from a medical text book and off base in some way you can’t quite put your finger on.

You went in wanting to understand what your body needs in order to truly heal itself but felt like your medical team was simply trying to match your symptoms with the right pills.

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Don’t misunderstand. I’m not anti-medicine. 

I think modern medicine is a marvel and helps facilitate miraculous results when used appropriately.

But I also believe our body’s physical wellness can have energetic and emotional root causes that are often not explored or totally overlooked in many medical environments.

 There’s more to your health story. Often a lifetime of clues that need to be uncovered.

With my intuitive abilities I can get to the underlying causes of your issues—to help you address (with jaw-dropping accuracy) your condition and take meaningful steps toward healing.

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“Thank you for this eye opening evaluation! Finally we have the answers we have been looking for. Having a non-verbal child diagnosed with autism, we have done so much and have gone to so many doctors and therapists looking for ways to help our son. The medical intuitive evaluation gave us information that nobody has ever looked for or addressed. We feel excited and that we are now pointed in the right direction.”

- Vicki M.

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  • You’re not getting better, even though you’re following all the recommendations from your physician

  • The suggestions, approaches, and protocols of different wellness practitioners are confusing and hard to stay consistent with

  • You sense there’s a missing puzzle piece to your health mystery that nobody’s discovered yet

  • You’re taking medications that don’t seem to help and/or are causing additional issues—without actually empowering you to correct the root cause of your wellness challenges



Emotional Traumas
Energetic Imbalances
Chemical Toxins
Physical Traumas
Heavy Metals

Trapped Emotions
Nutritional Imbalances
Old Illnesses
Energetic Blocks


“I’m a nurse who has spent my whole career in the world of conventional medicine. My medical issues read like a laundry list. Nobody ever figured me out. My session with Ginette hit home and now the cause of my medical mysteries makes sense.”

- Nancy D.

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As a medical intuitive…

I have the unique ability to intuitively “scan” your body and detect the root causes of the imbalance or illness you’re experiencing.

This may sound a little too “out there” for you, but stay with me.

The cells, organs, and systems of your body carry energy. This is science at the quantum level.

Energy is expressed in your body through signals—or symptoms—that in most cases feel like discomfort, pain, worry, or disease.

Medical Intuition is the practice of tuning into your body’s signals and giving them a voice. Your body is always broadcasting the root causes of your health issues—sometimes loudly and often subtly. We live in a boisterous, busy, distracted world that can make it difficult to connect the dots of our body’s wisdom. My gift is helping people do this so they can understand their health challenges from a broader, more comprehensive perspective that goes beyond traditional diagnostics. In fact, a medical intuitive evaluation can complement a traditional diagnosis.

When you can pinpoint the root of your issues—where it all started and why—you become empowered to do more than just manage symptoms.

You step onto the path of true healing.


“Ginette is so ‘right on’ she scares me! Lol I have used her intuitive services several times now and have referred her to my family and friends. I don’t know how she does it, but she is gifted. I have so much more energy and focus since working with her. People have stopped me to ask what I am doing because I look younger!”

~Andrea D.

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Schedule Your Medical Intuitive Evaluation

  • A 60-minute in-depth, medical intuitive reading of the underlying causes of your condition, done remotely, so you can know not just what your body is doing but WHY.

  • A thorough assessment of all of your symptoms and an evaluation of imbalances in your organs and glands—as well as an exploration of the stressors causing the imbalances (could include: emotional traumas, physical traumas, chemicals, heavy metals, food sensitivities, bacteria, fungus, virus, parasites, scars and EMFs to name a few).

  • A 30-minute video conference appointment to review and discuss the findings which will be recorded and emailed to you.

  • Support notes with a list of customized recommendations and next steps.

Your body has an innate intelligence and ability to heal.

With a deeper understanding of what your symptoms are trying to communicate to you—along with my guidance—you’ll be empowered to take meaningful and measurable steps toward increased health and vitality.


Book your medical intuitive evaluation today.


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