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Supplements and therapies and plans, Oh My! Are you or your child suffering from wellness protocol overload?

In the midst of every hopeful thing you’re trying, it can be hard to pinpoint what’s actually working and what isn’t. I can help you get clear.

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When your child has autism, ADHD, or other wellness challenges, you’ll try anything to make it better.

My son was diagnosed with autism when he was two…so I get it. Like most moms, we bounced from therapy session to therapy session. We ate organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, and casein-free. I researched every spare minute and tried every traditional and non-traditional therapy I could find. When mothers hire me to assess their children, they’re often exhausted and overwhelmed by information, supplements, and more potential lifestyle adjustments they’re considering.

And they wonder, “Is any of this really making a difference?”

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When my son received his diagnosis, my world screeched to a halt.

At the time, I was a kindergarten teacher. But after that, my career became recovering my son. Thirteen years and many certifications later, I’m proud to share that my son is recovered. He is also a sweet, loving young man—a high honor roll student, black belt in tae kwon do, talented artist, and gifted musically.

Now, I help moms who are where I was—feeling scrambled, confused, and dedicated to finding a positive path forward—no matter what it takes.

 Ready for insight on what is currently working for your child?

With my intuitive abilities I can assess the protocol(s) your child is on—so you can know exactly where to focus your energy. This means you’ll be able to take meaningful steps towards healing in ways that truly and measurably work.


“After receiving our Intuitive Protocol Assessment, we followed Ginette’s advice and changed his diet, adjusted the doses of some of the supplements, and even removed some. He is doing so much better with socializing and his anxiety has decreased tremendously. I’m so happy to reduce the amount of supplements he had to swallow each day and see that he is doing better.”

- Denise R. (mother of an 8-year-old with autism)

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  • If your child’s current protocol is actually helping them?

  • Whether you’re doing things in the correct order for optimal healing?

  • If the current restrictive diet—gluten-free/casein-free/oxalate-free/low-phenol etc. is appropriate for them?

  • Which therapy (HBOT, chelation, music therapy, equine sessions...fill in the blank) is a good match for your child?


You don’t have to guess anymore…

With so many protocols, therapies, diets, supplements, and treatments out there, it can be overwhelming.

Giving supplements that don’t work not only drains your financial resources, but it can also stress your child’s body.

Starting a protocol for your child when they’re not ready is also a waste because they will not make any gains.

Removing foods or following a diet that’s too restrictive may be unnecessary and too difficult to follow consistently.

I’ll let you know if you are on the correct path for your child.

“We followed your advice and are now only buying sprouted grains. We also removed high phenol foods and have switched her enzyme to the one you suggested. We had no idea she had a phenol sensitivity. Her dark eye circles have disappeared and her mood swings are much better. The biggest change is the improvement in her sleep—no more nightmares! We are all so happy about this!”

- Natalie B. (mother of a 6-year-old with ADHD)

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As a medical intuitive…

I have the unique ability to intuitively “scan” your child’s body and detect the root causes of the imbalance or illness you’re experiencing.

This may sound a little too “out there” for you, but stay with me.

The cells, organs, and systems of your body carry energy. This is science at the quantum level.

Energy is expressed in your body through signals—or symptoms—that in most cases feel like discomfort, pain, worry, or disease.

Medical Intuition is the practice of tuning into your body’s signals and giving them a voice. Your body is always broadcasting the root causes of your health issues—sometimes loudly and often subtly. We live in a boisterous, busy, distracted world that can make it difficult to connect the dots of our body’s wisdom. My gift is helping people do this so they can understand their health challenges from a broader, more comprehensive perspective that goes beyond traditional diagnostics. In fact, a medical intuitive evaluation can complement a traditional diagnosis.

When you can pinpoint the root of your issues—where it all started and why—you become empowered to do more than just manage symptoms.

You step onto the path of true healing.


Schedule Your Intuitive Protocol Assessment


1 // First—with the help of a three-day food journal—I will intuitively assess and evaluate your child’s current regime of:

  • Diet

  • Supplements

  • Essential oils

  • Therapies

  • Biomed treatments

  • Protocols

My goal is to see if your current efforts are aligned and strengthening your child.

2 // You will receive a detailed report once the assessment is completed. I will make recommendations for possible changes and removal of supplements, as well as dietary changes. I will also assess the timing of the protocols, treatments and therapies to see if they are being done during an optimal timeframe for your child.

Your child’s body has an innate intelligence and ability to heal.

With a deeper understanding of what their symptoms are trying to communicate—along with my guidance—you’ll be empowered to take meaningful and measurable steps toward increased health and vitality for your child.


Book your intuitive protocol assessment today.


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