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I’ll help release the toxic energies blocking you from true healing.


Do the same health issues keep coming back around in one form or another?


Just when you think you’re past it—BAM—it’s back again. It could be a mysterious pain you cannot relieve or feelings that keep looping. Maybe your child is displaying behaviors that have turned into obsessions, compulsions, fears, or violent tendencies. Or perhaps you notice the same type of people always trigger you. And your reactions follow a pattern…

Always the same—over and over again.

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Does any of this sound (too) familiar?

You’re personally prevented from moving forward because you feel stuck and lost.

You’re tired of struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, overwhelm, or the inability to commit to your life’s goals and purpose.

Going out and doing things seems impossible because your child’s behavior in public is tough to deal with.

You feel nagged by pain, regret, or anger from past experiences or trauma.

Every day you wear the mask of “it’s fine” when your life is anything but fine.

Your life is aching for change, but you can’t pinpoint what to change or where to start.

 If you said yes to any of the above, then trapped negative energy may be the problem. When you subconsciously operate from old wounds or trauma—no matter how long ago it occurred—it becomes very hard to move on even after many years have passed.


“I had been suffering with ankle pain for months. Being a long distance cyclist, it was so upsetting that I could no longer ride from the chronic aching and pain. Ginette did an energy healing session on me and I woke up with no ankle pain the next day. A zero out of ten! It’s unbelievable!”

- Scott B.

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Intuitive energy clearing is…

It’s a release of energies and emotions that are stuck in your body. They were created somewhere in your past, when you experienced negative events you weren’t sure how to process. Not knowing what to do with them, your body simply hung onto them. They’re still in your body—lodged in your cells—but you don’t recognize them as emotions and energies that need to be released. Instead you feel them as discomforts or insecurities that when brushed up against, in the course of normal life experiences, get reactivated.

And that’s when the trouble begins. Again. And again.

This might be a totally new concept to you and it’s normal to be skeptical.

Have you ever felt sick before speaking in public?
Have you ever felt deflated and achy after a big argument?

Negative emotions and stuck energy create physical problems in your life all the time.

We live in a time when it’s easy to be detached and distracted from our feelings…and the truth is, most of us are because our emotions can be scary stuff.

Deep sorrow can make us feel like dying.
Rage can make us feel like a monster.
Betrayal can smash our sense of self-worth into jagged shards.

Sometimes it seems easier to turn away from pain.

But when you do, the pain doesn’t go away. It stays buried in your psyche and becomes a subconscious scar that gets picked open repeatedly over the course of a lifetime causing physical symptoms and behavior patterns that are actually signals from within—pointing to where the external issue is deeply rooted.


As a medical intuitive I can ‘read’ your body.

I have a natural talent, and have undergone extensive training, that enables me to pinpoint exactly what your body, mind, and spirit need in order to release energetic blocks. We all have different areas of vulnerability in our body and mind. Stagnant, congested energy that inhibits the natural flow of your life, causing physical and emotional experiences. Back pain, headaches, weight gain, fatigue, disease, a tendency toward depression, overwhelm, anxiety or mood swings—these symptoms guide me to areas in your body that are blocked or repressed.

In my work with clients, more than 90% of physical issues stem from emotional and energetic imbalances. My job is to clear the imbalances so you can feel a reawakened sense of joy and freedom to create the life you want.


“Wow! I cannot believe how on point you were with what you found and cleared. I feel so much calmer and relaxed since the session.”

- Christine P.

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Just like a healthy diet and frequent exercise keeps your body strong and healthy, proper and frequent maintenance of your energy and emotional body is just as crucial to your health.

Eliminating the unseen baggage of negative energy often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties.

  • Untethering from emotional stress and trauma that have felt like your lot in life

  • Experiencing true relief from physical pain—even when you’ve tried everything without success

  • Being able to enjoy what’s right in front of you with a new sense of focus and intention

  • Having more energy to do what’s needed to become who you want

  • Flowing with everyday life situations rather than feeling consistently on guard and stressed

  • Finally having the resolve and focus to dismantle behaviors that sabotage your health and happiness

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“I don’t know how Ginette does it, but she is gifted. I have so much more energy and focus since working with her. People have stopped me to ask what I am doing because I look younger!”

- Andrea D.

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Schedule Your Intuitive Energy Clearing

  • A 25-minute clearing session that will happen remotely. On the day you book your session, I’ll enter your energy field to clear away and remove blocks you’ve been unknowingly hanging onto. You will not need to rehash your past or re-live traumatic root causes to release the trapped energy since the sessions are done from a distance.

  • Following the session, I will email you a detailed report that outlines what I discovered and cleared.

  • Depending on the volume of your blockages, a series of sessions may be advised. In each session, we'll continue the work of clearing your energetic imbalances.

I work with children and adults who are ready to explore a safe and gentle healing technique that is outside the margins of traditional therapy.

While several energy clearings may be needed to address your issues, my clients regularly experience relief more quickly than traditional approaches.


Book your intuitive energy clearing today.

1 Session $120 | 3 Sessions $315 | 6 Sessions $600 | 12 Sessions $1140

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These spots fill quickly. If you don’t see an opening available on the schedule, you’ll want to sign up for my newsletter right here to learn when future spots open up!

Every month I give away three free energy clearing sessions.

These sessions are specifically for families who cannot afford to pay at this time.


You may only sign up for a free session one time. After that, it is someone else’s turn. If I notice that you have signed up repeatedly, I’ll simply and quietly remove your duplicate session from my calendar and open the spot for someone else.

Thank you for honoring this system❤︎

Please review my FAQ page to prepare for your session.

After I have completed your child's energy clearing session, I will follow up with you via a brief email.

Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter (below) to learn when I open more free energy clearing sessions in the months to come!


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