I like your vibe…the science behind the vibes we feel

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Have you ever gotten a vibe right away about a person? Before they even uttered a word, you had a feeling - a sense about them.

From a young age I was really good at reading other people.  I knew whether the person was genuine and kind before they even spoke. I also knew who I didn’t like or trust – unfortunately many of them were family members (luckily not my immediate family). They didn’t do anything personally to me, I just didn’t like being around them and their energy.  It was draining and made me feel uncomfortable.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you (hopefully not from a family member, but it isn’t uncommon)…you meet someone and know right away if you want to walk away or whether there is something about this person that you really connect with, as if you are on the same wavelength?

How does this happen? How are you able to pick up their vibe?

Every Person, Object & Living Being is Comprised of Energy

Believe it or not, every single thing on this planet – from the air you breathe and the ground you walk on, to the people and animals you encounter every day – are comprised of energy. Energy is all around us and within us at every moment of every day.  

Quantum physics teaches us that matter, as we have come to customarily conceive it, does not exist.  Far from the physical appearance we imagine, it is nothing but a gigantic concentration of energy. You see, in studying atoms at a subatomic level, scientists discovered atoms are not solid but rather 99.9999% space, but this space is not empty. It´s filled with pure energy.  

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla

This means that you are an energy-being. This fleshy, bony "thing" we call our body is actually an energy-body moving around in an ocean of energy.

The vibe you feel about a person, is your energy reacting and responding to theirs.  Does it resonate and feel in harmony?  If it does, you are literally “on the same wavelength”.

Our emotions are also energy.  Some emotions are high vibrations like love and joy while others are low like anger and shame. When we feel love for someone, we feel light and airy.  On the flip side when we feel shame or fear, it feels low and heavy in our bodies.

So, how does energy play out in terms of your overall health and wellbeing? It’s simple really: balance.


Just like the energy in a lightbulb can increase and decrease with the touch of a dimmer switch, our own energetic frequencies can fluctuate. Whether it is due to traumatic experiences, old injuries, or even trapped emotions, our physical, mental, and emotional bodies can accumulate a great deal of negative energy over time.

Unlike positive energy (which aligns us with the healthy, happy, and abundant lives we strive for), negative energy can cause a great deal of harm to our bodies. In fact, negative energy and energetic blockages can contribute to a whole laundry list of ailments, pains, and health conditions, including:

  • Chronic pain

  • Focus and memory issues

  • Anxiety

  • Pre-mature aging

  • Menstrual and/or fertility problems

  • Difficulty with relationships

  • Declines in overall health

  • and Many more

Thankfully, these energetic blocks do not need to run amuck in your life any longer. By tapping into your body’s innate ability to heal itself, it is possible to discover the true, energetic source of your pain once and for all. Through the process of intuitive energy clearing, I can pinpoint any sources of negative energy and blockages in your body, and clear these imbalances. The result? A better understanding of your own body’s energetic experiences and lasting positive change. Once you have unearthed the potential of positive energy by removing blockages, you may even be more closely aligned with other positive changes in your life, bringing you that much closer to the truly healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.

Ginette Kort