Ginette Kort Medical Intuitive

I’ve always been an intuitive person. In fact, we all are. Often, we just don’t know it.

As a kid, I was extremely sensitive. I could “read” people and situations and gain key insights that were unexplainable. I didn’t know what I was doing or how, neither did my family. Needless to say, this made the world a bit tricky to navigate. So I spent a lot of time alone, playing in nature—which nourished and fueled my interesting abilities.

As I grew up, I didn’t learn how to hone my clairvoyant gifts because I didn’t understand them. In fact, my sensitivities made me feel odd, so I did my best to follow along and do what was expected of me. I went to college and earned a dual bachelor’s in Psychology and Education and a Master's in Special Education—and became an elementary school teacher. As a mom, wife, and educator my life was hectic most days. The way I approached each week was constructed around everything I “should” do—which meant I never seemed to be able to carve out the quiet I needed in order to feel emotionally or physically aligned.


Living out of alignment does not serve us.

Twenty months after the birth of my daughter, my son was born and I knew in my heart something wasn’t right. He didn’t seem to be developing normally. There was a part of me that knew he was autistic, but when we received the formal diagnosis two years later it felt like the world came crashing down around us.

I threw myself into recovering my son. I learned everything I could about autism—causes, therapies, treatments, diets, protocols, and programs. We went from one specialist to the next.

Sensing there were specific causes for my son’s autism, I felt aggravated because I couldn’t find a medical professional who would listen, let alone believe me. On top of that, I endured raised eyebrows and skepticism from people who thought I was a bit nuts. But I powered on—because there was a part of me that knew I was right.


The bottom line is: if I hadn’t followed through on I my hunches…if I hadn’t questioned, questioned, and questioned some more when doctors brushed my concerns aside…if I hadn’t reawakened my clairvoyant gifts out of necessity, my son wouldn’t be recovered. And fourteen years later, I’m happy to say he is.


I’m also happy to say, the whole experience—as difficult as it was—forced me to tune into and read people, situations, and energy with newfound precision. It recalibrated my life and career.

Because of my son’s diagnosis, I’m a completely different person than I was 14 years ago. Our journey through autism required a meaningful alignment of my values, beliefs, and goals. It also taught me how powerful energy and intuition is when it comes to unravelling illness and empowering true, sustained healing.

Ginette Kort-Medical Intuitive

My formal training includes:

  • Neuromodulation Technique Practitioner (NMT)

  • Certified Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioner

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach

  • Certified Body Code Practitioner

I am also trained in Eden Energy Medicine, EFT, Qigong, and Applied Kinesiology.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients—independently and alongside a medical doctor who specializes in functional medicine—to help pinpoint the root causes of various illnesses. I’ve also performed countless long-distance NMT (Neuromodulation technique) energy sessions to clear the energetic confusion that would otherwise have kept people looping with discomfort and/or disease. And I’ve helped mother warriors from all over the world optimize their intuition—so they can lean into and trust their body’s innate wisdom as it guides them to the best healing path for their unique situation.

It would be an honor to help your child.